The Durham Farmersí Market is a community of farmers, growers and crafters. We are strongly committed to local products: every item you see at the market was produced by the people selling it, and it all comes from no more than 70 miles away. Like small farmers and crafters everywhere, we believe in raising food sustainably and being good stewards of the environment.

We have been offering fresh produce, artisanal foods and handcrafted wares in downtown Durham since 1998. When we started, the market was little more than a few farmers and crafters joining the kids from SEEDS in the gravel parking lot of the old Durham Bulls stadium on Morris Street. Through the tenacity of those early vendors (many of whom are still selling at the market) and the support of residents who saw the value of good, fresh local food and handmade crafts, we have expanded to more than 50 vendors.

We moved up the street to the Measurement, Incorporated lot in 2004, and now we are thrilled to have our own space in the heart of the city. The Pavilion at Durham Central Park, home of the Farmersí Market, was largely completed in 2006, through the generosity of Durham Central Park, the City of Durham, Self-Help, and local businesses and individuals. The opening of the 2007 season marks the beginning of our permanent residence in Durham Central Park, and we hope you will join us every Saturday throughout the season for the freshest, best selection of local vegetables, meats, cheeses and eggs and a wide variety of cut flowers, potted plants, medicinal herbs and handmade crafts.

Durham Farmers' Market - PO Box 1903, Durham, NC 27702-1903   (919) 667-3099
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