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Rob and Monica Segovia-Welsh

At Market on Wednesdays, April through October
Saturdays, year round

Products: Naturally leavened and yeasted hearth baked breads, traditional pretzels and bialys, rustic tarts and local honey pecan granola.

Location: Pittsboro, NC

History: We are a micro bakery located in the rural outskirts of Pittsboro, NC. In 2010 we built our own earthen oven from locally scavenged and procured materials to begin our commercial, family run bakery. Both of us had worked in a variety of bakeries for years but starting our own business with locally sourced ingredients and baking out of wood fired oven was where we found our real passion.

It is an exciting time to be a baker in NC as locally grown, organic, heritage grains are slowly making their way from the farm to local mills and on to the baker. We have been steadily increasing the amount of local wheat and rye that we use in our products and are committed to supporting the growth of the farms and mills that supply us with such amazing raw materials for baking!

We look forward to sharing our creations with you!

Durham Farmers' Market - PO Box 1903, Durham, NC 27702-1903   (919) 667-3099
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